Mens Fashions 1920-1930

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So You Wanna Be A Cool Kat ? Look No Further ! The History Behind The Fashion And Some Of The Styles Of The Time Will Be Unveiled Here … ! First Starting Off With The History And Mens Fashion Of The 1920s..

Swingin’ Styles & Fashions

Short History:

It is worthless to discuss fashion of the “Swing Era” without first understanding the tremendous impact The World War’s had on everyday life during the early part of the Century. Social trends dictate fashion. World War I & II changed the world of fashion forever.

Clothing of the 1920’s

1920sa 300x223The 1920’s in America were great times of change. Coming out of the despair of the first World War, society exploded in a million different directions. The 20’s were a time for women voting, the Harlem Renaissance, and a incredible burst of affluence for the middle class. With cars and appliences making peoples lives easier, leisure time was also an added luxury. The styles were elegant, sexy, even contemporary and some times flamboyant.

“The roaring twenties swept into the early twentieth century with extreme fashion upheaval throwing traditional clothing and hairstyles aside. Prohibition spawned speakeasies where bootleg whiskey was served and women entertained.”

In 1929 the stock market crashed.

Mens Suits

In the early part of the 1920′s the “conservative suit”, as it’s known today, was the most popular mens suit style. Marked by it’s tightly fitted jacket, high “pinched” waist and narrow shoulders, the conservative suit cut a thin silhouette – hardly the look of the American businessman as we’ve come to know him. Formal evening wear was still usually the Tuxedo, which consisted of tails, a bow-tie and a top hat.

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Swim Wear:

We find the first wave of form fitting swimwear in modern swimsuit history. Tank tops were the rule of the day, accompanied by athletic style shorts that would have made poor old Queen Victoria faint. Although still largely made from wool, drab gray swimsuits now gave way to more colorful patterns. It was a liberating period for both men and women’s swimwear.


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Sports Wear

During the 1920s many men and women began to participate in such sports as golf, tennis, and swimming. Affluent people enjoyed yachting and polo. To provide comfort and ease of movement, new styles of sportswear were designed. Additionally, with young people increasingly aware of style trends, sportswear designs reflected the spirited, celebrity-conscious sensibilities of the decade.

In 1927 French tennis star Jean René Lacoste (1904–1996), (nicknamed the Crocodile for his perseverance) won the Davis Cup but not only did he become the new champion, he also became the reigning fashion trendsetter as well. Like Tilden and other tennis and polo players, Lacoste wore a cotton polo shirt, a short-sleeved, pullover, knit shirt with a turned-over collar, for maximum upper torso movement

Style conscious golfers wore knickers, loose-fitting pants that ended just below the knees. They often were worn with colorful argyle (diamond-shaped patterned) woolen knee socks. By 1925 men wore three-piece sports suits, consisting of jacket, vest, and knickers or plus fours, for golf games and for casual wear at resorts.



From Shoes To Fob Watches, Ties, Suspenders And Hatz The 1920s Man Had Alot Of Accessories.

Hats – The usual hat of this period was the fedora, often worn tipped down over one eye at a rakish angle.

Fob Watches - Men slipped pocket watches on chains called fobs into their vests, which were often worn with suits.

Ties - Neckties were wide, and bold geometric designs were popular, including stripes, and quadrilateral designs.

Shoes - Black and white or brown and white two-tone captoes or wingtips were quite stylish, as were solid-colored, dark shoes. Of the two-tones, captoes were actually preferred over wingtips, and look very classy. Shoes were fairly heavy and clunky-looking, at least when compared to today’s shoes.


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There Have Been A Flood Of Recent Tv Series With Fashions From This Time Period Lookout For Underbelly: Razor & Boardwalk Empire HBO

So Now You Have All The Knowledge you Need To Style It Up The 20s Way Katz – j

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