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You May Remember Our Guest Hip Hop Teacher DMO ? Well He Has A Little Website With Some Dance Tips That I Found Great.

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dmo jame dance boogie( Lesson One )

Don’t stand at the back of class!

It gives you more reason to slack off.

In actuality, a good teacher can still see you and will notice you slacking off,

unless the class has a hundred people but that’s evenmoreso a reason to get up the front.

Hiding at the back will not improve your pick-up skills and your performing ability.

You will forever be the back-liner.

( Lesson Two )

Everything you do and every decision you make should be one step closer to your goal.

Some simple examples.

After a late night rehearsal the only food that’s available is 24-Hour McDonald’s. You could easily order a Big Mac Meal to end the night but you make the split decision to order the salad choice because it is your goal to be a fit athletic dancer when you go to Los Angeles.


The weather is raining and freezing and you really wanted to go to the studio to take a class. However you are heaps comfortable in your home clothes sitting on the couch. Get off your ass and get to class because you want to be a better dancer. A bit sacrifice will go a long way.

Be immersed in your dance dreams and eventually it will become real. 


( Lesson Three )

From the words of Bronwyn ‘Ambrosius’ Moses:

“…Class etiquette 101- class takers, u are the STUDENT. When the teacher tells u to watch and listen… WATCH AND LISTEN cos they’re the ‘teacher’! If you don’t coz you wanna do you’re own thing… do your own thing at home. I’m there to learn…”

( Lesson Four )

It’s the work you do outside of the dance studio is what will set you apart from every other dancer.


If You Wanna Stay In Touch With More From DMO Check Out His Website

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