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WSDC – Western Sydney Swing & Rock n’ Roll Dance Champs 2013

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Yes, we are warming up for a bigger than ever dance champs in 2013!

WSDC is on again! But this year we have moved to a bigger venue at the Mounties club Mt Pritchard. 

Competition styles this year will include Rockabilly, Rock n roll / East Coast Swing, Swing Slow And Fast, plus many novelties including Same Sex Events. We also look forward to (hopefully) seeing the dance floor packed with children again!!!

We have already had overwhelming support and sponsorship from:

  • Pepe’s Ducks
  • Torque Bar & Grill
  • Diary Bell Ice Cream
  • Grizzley Adams
  • Siobhan Ford Photography
  • Kandies Klothing
  • One Of A Kind Clothing
  • All Shook Up Dance Studio
  • Footloose Rockers
  • Swing Out Sydney
  • Rock To It Magazine
  • Aces & Eights
  • Blue Suedes Shoes Dance School

See you there!

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The Competition Complex ?

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So It Has Been A Long Time Between Random Rants, But This One Has Been Simmering Like A Well Cooked Roast.

I Have Been Speaking To Friends In “The Scene” About Competitions & Competing Alike For Some Time Now. I Have Become Bewildered By The General Impression(s) And Opinions They Have, As A Lot Of Them Find Competing And Competitions In General Negative, Personally And Also To The Scene Itself.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong Every Coin Has 2 sides, But I Think The Positive Aspects Of Competing Have Been Buried Deep And I Thought I Would Take A Moment To Exhume Some Of The Good And Some Of The Completely Hypocritical Remarks During This Resurrection.

bluesuedeshoesdanceschool 1024x696Some Of The Positives Of Competitions :
Improve Your Dancing
(Goal Setting, Focus, Practising, etc)
Studios From All Over Coming Together
(Exposure To New Styles, People, Friends, Networking)
Further Progression In The Dance Style And Scene
Talking Points & Sharing
Advertisement & Exposure
More “Social” Events

Overlooked Benefits:
Most “Current” Studio Owners, Teachers & Performers Have Or Did Come From The Comp Scene From Mid 90s To Early 00′s
(eg: Bruce Elder, Melinda Jane, Aaron Keenan, Anna Ocello, Geoff Routh, John Hannan (vic), Matt Cochrane (qld),  Kelly Ann Doll, Derek Curuthers, Myself The List Goes On!)
The Scene Had The Strongest Level Of Juveniles & Youth When There Was A Competition Scene.
Where Is The New Talent Going To Come From? How & Where Are The Next Generation Going To Start ?
(I Find This To Be The Saddest Situation At Present, Even Sadder Than What’s Been Happening With The Clubs- Chambers, Unity Hall, Ashfield RSL)

The Ironies
The Ultimate Irony: There Are A Small Minority Of People Who Are The Proclaimed “Anti Competing” Dancers Out There Im Sure You Know One,  The Irony For Me Is The Fact That “They” Love Going To Workshops Held By International Dancers (Who They Love & Idolise), That Are Made Famous And Have Gotten Extremely Good By……. Wait For It …….Competing And Winning Big Competitions, Maybe This Is  Just A Base Level Irony? Yet they Don’t See It.

Artistic Irony: Are The Art Vs Sport People. Now Yes I Think Dancing Is The Point At Which Art And Sport Meet, And Judging It Will Always Have Some Base Level Bias And Subjectivity To The Individual But Its Those Who Feel Passionate About How Art (Dancing) Can Not Be Judged, As Crossing A Finish Line In Other Sports That I Would Like To Pose These Questions To …
Why Is Dancing On Ice A Competitive Sport ?
Why Is Dancing Under Water A Competitive Sport ?
Why Is Dancing On A Trampoline Or Sponge Floor A Competitive Sport ?
Why Is Dancing On Terra Firma Not ?

The Stupids: Comps Are Bad …. Have You Competed In A Comp Before  …. No

COMPlex 1024x212

In Conclusion
I Personally Feel That Competition Is Healthy, It Can Bring A Wealth Of Experience, Respect, Knowledge, Awareness, Improvement & Confidence In A Very Short Amount of Time Compared To Lessons Alone. The Scene Is Becoming Smaller And Smaller Due To Many, Many Reasons And I Feel That The Death Of “Competitions” Is A Major Contributing Factor. Fear Of Losing (An Event, A Title, A Dollar) Should Not Override The Benefits, Exhilaration And Other Such Feelings Of Going Out There And Testing Your Abilities, Your Training And Your Style Against The Rest. It’s What In Essence The Foundations Of This Dance Style Was Built Upon ! Going Out And Showing Off Your Moves And Trying To Create Something New No One Has Seen Before, It’s What All The Greats Say From Frankie To Dean.

Again I Will Stipulate  That There Is Always Good And Bad In Something, Even Drinking Too Much Water Kills You, And Yes Some Of The Comps That Have Been Run Have Had Dubious Intent And Biased Decisions. But I Fear That All The Good That Competitions Have To Offer And Have Offered In The Past, Has Now Been Lost And Over Looked Due To This Negative Stigma Wading Around Like Some Bondi Cigar.

Please Note That This Is Just A Rant Based On The Positive Aspects Of Competing And What I Feel Is A Major Part Missing In The Dance Scene Today As I Remember As A Child Going To The Souths Pacific’s At Homebush Watching Over 80 Adults Compete In One Event In Front Of A Sold Out Basketball Stadium, And That I’m Well Aware Of The Other Side Of The Coin icon smile – j 

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Western Sydney Dance Champs 2012

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flyer wsdc 2012 723x1024The Western Sydney Dance Championships (WSDC 2012) Are Back Bigger Than Ever In 2012. So Find Yourself A Partner And Start Training Or Come Along Support The Dancers And Let Them Entertain You.

Where: Parramatta RSL

When: 23rd September 2012

Start Time: 11am

Events: Slow Swing, Fast Swing, Rock n’ Roll, Rockabilly, And Novelties Of Course

Youtube Footage Of Last Years Rock n’ Roll Heats

Rules And Programme Will Be Out Soon So Watch This Space. We Would Also Like To Thank Our Sponsors, They Help Make All This Possible.

Footloose Rockers, Pepe’s Ducks, Dairy Bell Ice Cream, Blue Suede Shoes Dance School, Rock To It Magazine, All Shook Up Dance Studio, & The Swing KatzWestern Sydney Swing Dance Championships, Western Sydney Dance Championships wsdc 2012

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Kreative Komments

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324 Crop 1 300x286Come Up With the “best” Quirky Comment ( Voted By The Katz ) And Win A Free Ticket To Our Workshop November 13th.

Keep It Clean icon smile !!

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