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Periodical swing dancing tips from the Katz

Top 10 Tips To Become A Better Dancer

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So You Want To Improve Your Dancing? Here Are My Personal Top 10 Tips That Will Improve Your general Dancing Out Of Sight …In No Particular Order Of Importance …

tumblr m8o33ikJxR1r5ukgno1 5001. Draw Inspiration From Other Dancers You Like To Watch

In Early Stages Of Your Dancing Evolution, One Of The Best Ways To Improve Is To Absorb And Draw Inspiration From Dancers Who You Admire, And Subconsciously Or Not You Will Start To Dance “Or” Feel Like You Are Dancing Like Them icon razz

*Keep In Mind What I Call “Cut And Paste” Though, Swing Is About Finding Your Own Unique Style.

2. Take Lessons ! Like Duuhhhh… Classes, Privates, Or Workshops They All Help

Pretty Self-Explanatory, There Is Only So Much You Can Learn From You Tube.

3. Listen To The Music Style You Dance To !

Once You Take The Time Out To Listen To The Music You Will Start To Pick Up Its Subtleties. From Structure And Format, To Its Feel And Flow, Take The Time Out To Listen Especially While You’re Dancing.

tumblr m6nv5qluEq1rnlz80o1 5004. Go Out Social Dancing As Much As You Can

Having Fun Meeting New People And Dancing With A Million Variations Of Styles And Techniques. There Are Not Many Other Ways You Can Get This Much Learning In One Night.

5. Challenge Yourself By Doing A Competition Or Joining A Performance Troupe

Competition/Performance Dancing Helps You Focus, You May Also Do Or be Introduced To Choreographed Routine’s, Aerials, Breakaways And Solo Jazz. Comp & Performance Training Are Game Changer’s When It Comes To Improving Yourself.

6. Learn Other Dance Styles

All Dancing Is About Body Movement To Music, So It Can’t Hurt To Learn New Ways To Move ;), You May Even Develop A Style Unto Your Own.

7. Practice Practice Practice Then Practice Some More

Nothing I Know Of Improves Your Dancing More Than Practising Full Stop.

8. Understand Or Even Learn Your Partners Role

This Will Help You Understand And Appreciate Your Partner, It Will Also Help You Understand What Your Partner Needs From You. So Why Not!

9. Immerse Yourself In the Scene … Fashion , Music, History

Nothing Makes You Feel Better Then Dressing The Part Trust Me! And Why Not Understand Where And Why Your Dance Style Evolved it Never Hurts.

Lastly And I Guess Most Importantly

10. Enjoy And Have Fun On The Floor

Relax, Don’t Over Think Leading, Following, Patterns Or Routines… Cause You Just Might Miss The Point icon wink


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Dance Tips For Competitors & Performers For July

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People Underestimate The Mental Preparation Of Sport / Performing


Before Comps I Usually Go Through The Routines And Patterns Through My Head. Even When Performing It Helps No End To Imagine The Performance And Go Through The Routines Mentally Before Steeping Out On To The Floor… Article By Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. es film video film stripStep 1: Make the Transition from Life to Sports The warm up or pregame routine is a time to begin focusing on your sport. Think of your routine as a transition from the office, school, or normal activities to competing in sports. Some athletes contemplate about life issues when they play sports, and this affects their focus and performance. Use the pregame routine to let go of daily hassles, deadlines and chores – to become fully engaged in your sport. Your mental game strategy is to “park” any troubles that are occupying your mind for the duration of your competition (this strategy can be applied to practice as well). Make a written list (or mental note) of the life issues on your mind, and make a commitment not to think about them while you’re engaged in sports. You can’t possibly change your life while you’re on the field for three hours, so the best option is to temporarily shelve those problems. Step 2: Review and Commit to a Game Plan or Strategy You should set a game plan before entering competition, because athletes don’t always make the best decisions under pressure. Ideally, you should decide on a game plan prior to your pregame warm up. (In team sports, your coach will have a strategy prepared before the game for you.) For example, you should study the course or track, and decide on the best plan of action, given the conditions. Step 3: Be Responsible for Your Self-Confidence Confidence is a long-term project, and develops from years of practice and play. Most athletes should have a good foundation of confidence – one based on past successes and practice. However, some athletes doubt themselves at the worst possible time – during the pregame warm up. Others wait for something good to happen before they feel confident. Use positive self-talk and use this to help you feel deserving – that you have paid the dues. Be aware of any last-minute doubts and shoot these down quickly. Task 4: Gear Your Mind to Focus on Execution A priority for your mental game is to prepare to focus on the process – and on the here and now – instead of outcomes or results. Focusing on results only serves to place expectations on your performance. In your warm up routine, spend a few minutes to set simple objectives for the game, round or match. Make sure these objectives focus your attention on what your want to accomplish and on your execution. In addition, keep your mind focused on the warm up and preparing yourself for competition. This is not the time to dwell on outcomes, compare your game to the opposition, or wonder who will be watching the game. Bring focus and intensity to your pregame routine, so you’ll be dialed in when the whistle blows. Task 5: Rehearse Your PerformanceYour warm up routine is a good time to rehearse your performance and gain confidence in your game. The nature of the rehearsal will depend on your particular sport and learning preference (visual, kinesthetic, auditory). For example, a golfer can review his game plan for playing the golf course, including targets and clubs to use from the tee and into greens. A baseball player can rehearse pitches he will see and how he will get a hit. A gymnast can rehearse her beam routine, and feel or see successful execution. The pregame warm up or routine is not the appropriate time to continue working on technique or mechanics! The purpose of practice is to improve your game for the future. The warm up is about preparing to perform your best. You have already put in the practice, trust what you have trained, and now it is time to perform! Prepare to play well with the game you have that day!

DMO – Jam Dance Boogie
sammy davis marylinTip #14 - When a dance teacher gives you the opportunity to get up and dance in front of the class.
BE THE FIRST ONE TO GET UP! Conquer the fear… Leave with no regrets… Impress yourself and not anyone else… OK?   Tip #16 - I hate it when dancer’s do 75% effort in a rehearsal or in a class and say that when they get on stage they will give 110% (their best) because adrenalin hits. Ummm… No… That’s Wrong! Get out of that mentality. If you want to be better than you are already, work hard and rehearse like you are dancing 110% everytime. Imagine when you get up on that stage knowing you’ve rehearsed your best… with adrenalin you’d be dancing



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Dance Tips For Competitors & Performers June

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Some More Tips From The Vaulttraining

1) Hitting The Breaks And Owning The Breaks Are Two Different Things !

2) Being A Dancer Is Understanding Your Body And Its Movement.

The Mathematical Figures Behind The Lindy Turn For The Ladies:

You Are Only Bound By The Guy For Approximately Two Beats The Rest
Of The Lindy (75%) Is Yours To Make Your Own Ladies So Use It icon smile
Hint Dont Be Afraid To Try:
New Footwork, Using Your Arm, Using Your Hips, High Jacking The Guy To Hold The Moment Longer.
Frankies Theory
It Was An Intro To The Dance, A Point Where You Say Hello And Thank You For The Dance And Of Course To Watch Your Beautiful Partner.

Appearance & Costume

Quiet Simply Guys Take Pride In Appearance
( Iron, Clean, Smell )
Fit Into Your Role And Character By Dressing the Part -
Accessories And All
( Hats, Fascinators, Shoes, Make Up & Stuff :))

Costuming As Stated Before Is One Of the Most Important Parts Of Performing !

Some Stuff From DMO

Manifest In Yourself

I’ve seen many dancer’s fall in the dance industry because a lot of them try to imitate, follow and behave like other dancers instead of being themselves.

If you are finding it hard to be in this industry, it is time to break out of that mentality of imitating others. Everyone has their own journey.

Instead, be yourself by defining your dance style, find your own look and MANIFEST in it. Make it completely you and you will find that the confidence and positivity you emanate will attract the right connections in your career. The more you love your inner self, the more people will love you for being you which is the key to make it in this Industry.

Things may not happen straight away but if you manifest in your  true self — you’re on the right path in achieving all your dreams and goals which will happen in the most perfect time.


 Antidote 1

The ( Comp / Performance ) Dancer Who Just Wants More
( Patterns/Moves )

Here Is A Simple One To think About ….
Most Routine Based Olympians Eg: Ice Skaters, Gymnast Etc
Qualify For The Olympics A Year And A Half Before Competing.
Besides The Fact That They Have Been Practising For Years Before That, They Then Proceed To Build A Routine Based On Their Strengths And Olympic Criteria For A Year Or More !!
Most Of These Routines Last A Hell Of A Lot Less Than A Standard Rock n Roll/ Swing Song ….
Food For Thought




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Dance Tips For Competitors & Performers – May

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swing katzDance to your ” Audience “

When Comeptiting Your “Audience” Is, The Judges

When Performing Your “Audience” Are The Spectators / Public

When Socially Your “Audience” Is Your Partner!

 Stage Presence – The Basics That You Just Have To Get Right !

Great performers know that the secret to a good show is to make eye contact with the crowd. Staring off into space or looking at the ground will make the audience feel as if you just aren’t into it. Even if you are giving a brilliant performance, your audience won’t be pulled into your world. Find one or three members in the crowd to “Interact” with, it would make it appear as if you’re connecting with spectators.

Make big movements and gestures, even if you feel a bit silly. Why? Because when you are on stage, even a small one, most people really can’t see you. Dancing around, using your hands, even swinging your head, can make you appear as if you are really into it.

Wearing the right kind of costume can be the main catalyst of a great stage performance and can make or break audience reaction. Like in any aspect of life, clothes can make the man, and our attire says a lot about us. Feeling like you represent your chosen performance style will make you more confident, which will carry over into your stage presence.

Don’t be afraid to get into it, in fact, people go nuts when they can tell you are really feeling your performance. In the industry, we call it “getting ugly with it!” This simply means that you shouldn’t be afraid to “mess up your hair or nails” as it were, when it comes to putting on a good show. Even at your most nervous, always try your best to appear confident—confidence can make a mediocre performer grab a crowds attention.!!

In My Opinion There Are Three Types Of Dancing

- Performance
- Competitive
- Social
These Situations Should Govern How You Dance And What You Do.

There Are Also Three Fundamentals Which Govern How You Dance In General
- The Floor
- Your Partner
- The Music

Think About Each One Carefully icon wink As To Why They Are Fundamental Laws And How Each One Is Fundamentally Different !!

 Statements, Quotes

  • Basics, Styling & Technique Become More Important As A Dancer Becomes More Advanced, Then Patterns & Moves …..

‎”Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day.
Teach A Man To Fish, Feed Him For Life”

  • Understand Your Body, Understand Yourself As A Dancers, Learn How To Train Yourself !

Ideology 1 -To Try Getting The Best Young “Swing” Dancers To Train Together From Anywhere And Everywhere To Better Our Dancing, Test And Push Ourselves, Whilst Having Fun & Making New Friends In Doing So. (* Swing – Umbrella Term For Lindy, Jive, West Coast & East Coast Swing Dancing)

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